Presbyterian Ladies' College Wellness Centre

Fineform coupled for their second project with the Perkins TPD in as many years after the development of the Summit Homes Base on Leach Highway, Melville. Fineform commenced construction on the multi-purpose building in Peppermint Grove in January 2017, progressing efficiently the team completed their duties in late 2017.

The building will suffice for focus on student wellbeing, development and promoting mental health. PLC will be the first Western Australian School to provide a health and wellbeing centre, as well as containing a contemporary gymnasium, food technology kitchen and a physiotherapist all within the building. This trend in delivering a dedicated centre for wellness for students is becoming increasingly popular in private schools across Perth to help curb mental health issues such as anxiety and depression in our youths.

Fineform supplied mobile crane and telehandler operations to help speed up process of the project, these operations were performed to the highest level of safety along with all other aspects of the construction process. Which ultimately was delivered within schedule to a very satisfied client.


  • Detailed Excavation & Associated Earthworks
  • Design, Supply & Engineering of Formwork
  • Concrete Placement
  • Concrete Pumping
  • Pre-Cast Support
  • Supply of Mobile Crane & Lifting Equipment including Operation

The grand opening of the PLC Lighthouse for VIP members took place on the 5th of April